Ninja Mama Prepare to Push Loose Leaf Raspberry Leaf Tea 40g

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  • LABOUR OF LOVE!  Your due date is just around the corner and you may already feel your body preparing for labour! Our 100% organic labour Prep Tea is here for you with red raspberry leaf to prepare your body for labour - AND help with postpartum recovery. Raspberry leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, and E, as well as iron, calcium, and potassium.  We recommend drinking throughout your third and fourth trimesters (from around 32 weeks) (40 g enough for around 40 servings of tea.)    We recommend just one cup per day at 32 weeks, increasing to 2 cups at 34 weeks and a maximum of 3 cups from 35 weeks and postpartum. 
  • Prepare to push Mama!   Research shows that women who drink raspberry leaf are less likely to receive birth interventions such as a caesarean section, forceps or vacuum and have a shorter pushing stage of labour than those who don't.  The tea is thought to increase blood flow to the uterus and strengthen uterine muscle fibres.  It's also known to help with reducing blood loss and toning the uterus after birth. Click here to read one of the studies. 
  • Tastes Great!  With the option to drink hot or cold (or why not pop in the freezer on those hot days and make popsicles!) our yummy tea is the perfect tea to drink in your third trimester (from around 32 weeks) and beyond.  Just infuse a heaped teaspoon in a freshly boiled cup of water for 10 mins or more.  Drink on its own or add a little of your favourite sweetener if desired.  
  • Made in Australia! 100 % Organic and naturally caffeine free our organically grown and ethically sourced vegan friendly raspberry leaf tea makes it the perfect choice for Aussie Mamas. 

Do not take prior to 32 weeks pregnant.

As with all herbal teas please check with your health care provider before taking.


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