Ninja Mama Labour and Postpartum Support Oil Roller 10ml

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Get Ready Mama!  Introducing Ninja Mama Labour and Postpartum Essential Oil roller.  Lovingly made in Australia with 100% natural premium essential oils including Clary Sage, Lavender, and Frankincense to help promote a serene and soothing birth experience and a tranquil postpartum period.

Here to provide calming support until your precious little one arrives and during the postpartum period our Labour & Postpartum Essential Oil Roller is carefully crafted to naturally assist and stimulate contractions once your labour has commenced.  

Not to be used prior to 40 weeks pregnant or in active labour.

Clary Sage: Known for its calming and balancing properties, it is known to increase levels of the hormone oxytocin – which can stimulate uterine muscles to contract.

Lavender: The classic relaxation essential oil that promotes a sense of peace and serenity.

Frankincense: For easing discomfort during labour and postpartum

Lime: Stress reduction during labour and postpartum 

Directions - Apply to pressure points, lower back and abdomen once labour has begun

Patch test for skin reaction.
If using while nursing we recommend applying to spine or ankles so it's not too close your baby.

Keeping you safe: Possible skin irritation can occur on sensitive skin, should this occur please discontinue use immediately & rinse area. Keep out of reach from children. External use only. The oils in this blend are safe to be used around pregnant and breastfeeding mums – ONLY once they are ready to go into active labour.